Monday, July 26, 2010

Any difference between Red and Pink ATG?

This is the new PINK Advanced Tape Glider and the ATG 714.
As far as I can see there is not any difference other than the color and the name.
I do love the Pink one much better because PINK makes me feel happier.


FroggieStamps said...

I already have the red one, but want the pink one also! Hehe. :)

Court said...

Jealous! My pink ATG hasn't come in the mail yet! I just wanted to stop by (again) and say thank you for leaving encouragement for me on my first video. That means more than you know and I appreciate it so much! I forgot to tell you last time too that I LOVE the name of your blog. My friends in high-school used to call me Crose- crimson rose :) So I love that you are a pink rose! :)